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Agricultural Policies and Bioeconomy





Since 15th May 2019, CREA has joined Agrinatura (, the European Association of Universities and Research Entities promoting agricultural cooperation, by supporting sustainable development in agriculture, through joined projects on research, education and training and also through projects that contribute to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals and to the new Agenda of the sustainable development targets.

Among the 30 bodies adhering to AGRINATURA are INRA, CURAD, Humboldt University, Reading University, WUR. As for Italy, the University of Catania and AICS (Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development) were already members of the association.

Thanks to its adhesion, formalized during the general assembly of AGRINATURA, held in Gembloux (Belgium) at Agro-Bio Tech (Faculty of Agriculture of Namur University), CREA shall attend important international cooperation projects, with the aim to transfer its competences and innovations to developing countries, in order to make their agriculture more efficient and sustainable.

In that occasion, CREA has been represented by Guido Bonati, researcher of CREA - Centre for agricultural research and bioeconomy.



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