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Foreign Trade Report of the agri-food products


What is

Since the early 90s, the Foreign Trade Report of the agri-food products has been providing an analysis of the trend of the Italian agri-food trade, both in short-term and in medium-term period.

Besides providing a general framework of the trends in the international scenario, the Volume shows an analysis of the development of the agri-food flows per partner areas/countries and per sectors/products, with a deepening on the exports of the “Made in Italy” products.

The Report also provides an original breakdown of the agri-food trade flows, according to two different aggregation criteria: the first one, based on the origin and destination of products, identifies raw materials and the products for final consumption; the second one studies the trade specialization, on the basis of the agri-food balance.

Editorial Board

  • Roberto Solazzo, coordinator
  • Patrizia Borsotto
  • Tatiana Castellotti
  • Federica DeMaria
  • Simona Romeo Lironcurti


Roberto Solazzo

+39 06 478 564 42