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Agricultural Policies and Bioeconomy


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Knowledge and updating courses of the FADN-CREA accountancy methodology and REA-ISTAT


What is

CREA-Research Centre for Agricultural Policies and Bioeconomy organizes knowledge courses on the FADN-CREA accountancy methodology and REA-ISTAT, both in e-learning modality and one-to-one modality, dealing with aspects related to methods and principles deriving from the Handbook of the EU FADN, from technical documents released by ISTAT and from the guidelines of international accounting principles in agriculture (IAS 41, IRFRS, etc).

Instructions on the correct use of the software applications implemented by CREA-Policies and Bioeconomy are, for instance, GAIA, ClassCE, CruscottoAziendale, Bilanciosemplificatorica, online REA, etc.

Ways of provision

The service is provided free of charge within the statistical and economic surveys carried out by CREA PB, that represent some of the institutional activities of the Centre, both for economic operators, interested to collaborate in the gathering of data in the farms, and public entities (i.e. technical and professional institutes) or private ones (i.e. farmers, agricultural associations and organizations, freelance workers, etc.). At the end of the course, attendees do receive the “understanding of the methodology” certificate, in the case they have successfully passed a specific test. The certifications bear the logo of CREA and Ministry of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forests (MASAF).


Economic operators and citizens (farmers, counselors, teachers, other types of users).

Competence Centre

CREA-Research Centre for Agricultural Policies and Bioeconomy, Via Barberini 36 - 00187 Roma


National contact point and regional contact points of the FADN and REA survey