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Agricultural Policies and Bioeconomy


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On-demand processing of statistical, technical and socio-economic data on farm system


What is

The Research Centre for Agricultural Policies and Bioeconomy, upon specific online requests or email, can extract and process the data stored in the databanks of the statistical and economic farm surveys, gathered through the investigations performed by CREA-Policies and Bioeconomy in support of the micro and macro-economic analysis: company’s performance, budget results, analysis of the productive processes, efficiency of the factors, estimate of the production costs, benchmark analysis, analysis of the agricultural systems and local productions, analysis on the impact of the agricultural policies and use of natural resources.

Ways of provision

The service is provided free of charge, upon request. Specific processing is carried out within specific national and international research projects, through proper collaboration agreements (Letter of intent, Memorandum of Understanding, etc.).


Research Entities, Central or Local Public Administrations, private Entities or Organizations, researchers, postgraduates, students, citizens, partners of projects carried out by CREA.

Reference Centre

CREA-Research Centre for Agricultural Policies and Bioeconomy, Via Barberini 36 - 00187 Roma


National contact point of statistical and socio-economic surveys; CREA’s Statistical Office