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Survey on foreign workers in agriculture


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Since the 1980s, the CREA-Research Centre for Agricultural Policies and Bioeconomy has been carrying out a survey on the commitment of foreign workers in agriculture. The project continues an activity launched by the intuition of Silvana Soligno, contact point of the Apulia’s regional office. The survey aims at meeting the informative need related to a complex and evolving phenomenon. This survey is annually updated, thanks to presence and constant engagement of CREA’s researchers in the various regional territories. This allowed to build a consolidated relationships network, capable to merge the available statistical information and administrative data with interviews to witnesses of the productive reality, institutional context and Third Sector.

Le misure per l'emergenza COVID-19 e la manodopera straniera in agricoltura - 2020

The 2019 Report is articulated into two sections: the first one highlights the recent employment dynamic of foreign workers in agriculture at a national level, the second one discloses the regional analysis, carried out also through the involvement of local stakeholders. The report provides a cognitive framework that, considering the complexity and varied composition of the phenomenon, doesn’t attempt to be exhaustive, but surely provides a set of information and reflections for knowing deeper the sector.

The presence of foreign workers in agriculture is a structural datum and always in an upward trend, that has deeply changed our society and economic system. The very little incidence of agricultural employment in the economically developed contexts, the discontinuous and seasonal element of foreign workers, as well as the variability of the migration phenomenon, do not allow an easy understanding of a cognitive framework, which is continuously evolving, both in terms of entity and, mainly, in terms of characteristics of foreign workers and their contribution to the Italian agriculture.


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